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Sleazy Shades of Success






The relationship between Celebrities and drugs is one that has lasted long and seems like it will continue to do so in the future also. The recent victim of this indomitable bond between the two has been the British jazz singer “Amy Winehouse”. She was found dead in her North London home. She was just 27 years old. The cause of her death still remains unexplained but many believe she died because of a drug overdose. She had been a drug addict for a long time and also went to a rehab.

Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell. These are just a few select names in the long list of celebrities who have suffered from this menace of drug addiction. Some of them have recovered from this problem, others continue to suffer.  How can the King of Pop, Late Michael Jackson be left far behind when it comes to drugs? He was another one who was a big time drug addict and many claim that this was the main reason behind his deteriorating health and fading career.  Careers have been made and then destroyed into pieces, once these people have been exposed to drugs This problem seems to be highly infectious, moving on from people to people, friends to friends.  It is well known that it was Amy’s husband who first introduced her to drugs. And the rest is history now.

If the West is battling with this menace for so long, how can the East and especially the Indian industry be left far behind.  The movie “Fashion” highlighted the extent to which the Fashion fraternity is exposed to drugs. The role played by Kangana Ranaut is based on the real life story of Geetanjali Nagpal, who was once a super model. A few years back Geetanjali was found wandering on the streets of Delhi, begging for food and money.  She was mentally disturbed and suffering from this menace of drug addiction.  Raj Kiran, the man who played the role of Monty in Karz, was recently in news. He was found out to be in the U.S, in a mental hospital struggling to recover from drug addiction.

These celebrities have a huge fan following and whatever they do becomes a fashion and is followed passionately by their fans. They are famous and extremely under pressure, nothings a secret.  Even if they fall down the stairs, somehow it’s in the paper next day.  They are an inspiration to everyone else, especially the youth. Soon they forget this thing and end up partying hard and taking alcohol and drugs. What messages is the youth taking away from all of this? After all, we see these celebrities as our role models. And now that we are immersed in the 24/7media world at younger and younger ages, the effect of a role model going wrong is going to magnify exponentially. They have become bad role models for the youth, especially kids at a small age. Everywhere kids turn; they see images and hear reports about their idols. And they’re often left alone to make sense of it all.

We love them a lot but no one actually wants to follow their lifestyle because they know that there is a dark world out there.  What these celebrities need to realize is that they have a huge moral and ethical responsibility on their shoulders. They should never forget that they live and do things not only for themselves but also for their fans around the world. . Heroes have a way of falling, but in today’s world they fall faster, and no detail is spared. God save their kingdom now.


Corruption and Terrorism – India’s Invincible Twins

13 july 2011, yet another black day that has been registered in Mumbai’s never ending tale of miserable events.  A day that shook the whole nation and we found ourselves in tears once again. The serial blasts in Zaveri bazaar, Dadar and Opera house in Mumbai have once again raised serious questions about our safety and security, questions that remain unanswered.

I recently read an article in the Times Of India which stated, “Little fuel for patrol boats”. Maharashtra government had procured seven high-speed craft boats to protect the coastlines in wake of 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Those boats are lying unused because the government doesn’t have enough fuel to run them nor trained personnel to operate them.LOL. It seems like even the government has been affected by the hike in fuel prices, just as the common man has. No lessons have been learnt from the mistakes in the past. The coastal security ring around Maharashtra continues to be porous. Lets be prepared for another 26/11 like attack that tore apart Mumbai into pieces.

What shocks and amazes me the most is the round of political statements that follow after such attacks. The recent serial blasts have soon turned out into a political slugfest. BJP calls it an intelligence as well as a policy failure on the part of the Congress. Congress reciprocates by linking RSS with these attacks. Our callous and insensitive ministers are least bothered about those innocent men and women who died in these attacks. The only thing they are bothered about is pointing fingers at each other and then defending their silly actions. Rahul Gandhi even went on to say that we should be ready to face one or two attacks every year. These attacks are bound to happen and the government can’t do anything to stop them. What he meant was that just like we have accepted corruption in our day to day life and live with it. Similarly, terrorism should also be imbibed by us in our souls. Mr. Gandhi! What kind of a justification is this??

In the wake of 26/11 Mumbai attacks three years back, Maharashtra government had also promised to turn Mumbai into a fully secured and protected city with CCTVs being installed everywhere in the city. What finally came out was a complete eye wash. Most of the major areas in Mumbai still don’t have any CCTV cameras. And those areas which have CCTVs installed, the cameras are either in bad condition due to lack of maintenance or are not working. This thing can happen only in India. The most irresponsible statement came from the chief minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Prithviraj Chavan. Rather than accepting his government’s failure and mistake, he puts the onus directly on the red tape processes that exist in India. He said that the complex red tape process prevalent in India is preventing his police men to buy crucial security equipments like CCTVs.  Politicians will come and go and so will these attacks. The only thing that will be left in our heart and mind is the indelible mark of these attacks and a slim hope to see a better India in future.


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