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“A society’s well being demands women being where they belong.”Is this quote even one percent true!!Well,I don’t think so.

I recently read an article in the newspaper where in an Indigo Flight got delayed by 2 hours  because a well educated middle aged man created ruckus over the fact that the pilot was a women!!lol.That was  something quite laughable. :-).If the educated are doing such things,what can we expect from the uneducated??

As soon as that man heard the announcements,he realized that the pilot was actually a women and he started to panic.He kept on reiterating the fact that women are only meant for household purposes,they should cook food and look after the children and domestic needs,rather than flying a plane.What kind of a shallow thinking is this?

The point I am trying to make is that at the first place,Whom have we given a right to decide where does a women actually belong?!!Is it the society?or the girl’s family?or the girl herself!!

We as a society are still riding on those old traditions and customs that have for ages kept the woman behind the curtains,under the bars.,locked inside the household darkness.Even in today’s globalised and modern society,a girl has no right to choose anything.It’s the family and the society which puts undue restrictions on her..

A girl can’t take decisions by herself whereas a guy very well can!!A girl isn’t allowed to choose a career of her choice whereas a guy can!!People have this peculiar habit of forming a preconceived opinion about anything and everything.Why can’t a girl today work in a call center or even fly a plane?Why can’t a women serve the nation by joining  the armed forces.Why is it that  she’s either told to do household work or she’s forced into so called safe occupations like teaching or banking etc.Doesn’t she have a right to live the way she feels like?

Today, we find ourselves in a hypocritical society where we do not follow what we preach!!As a nation,we proclaim to be among the top in the world but are we really among the top?Financially and economically,Yes!!we may be..but socially we are still very backward.Still,there is discrimination at a large scale on the basis of gender.We top the list in the number of cases of female foeticides.This male chauvinism has to end.

If Indira Nooyi’s parents hadn’t allowed her to follow her dreams,her desire;then today she probably wouldn’t have been right there at the top as the CEO of PepsiCo.If Saina Nehwal’s parents hadn’t allowed her to follow her passion and become a Badminton player,she wouldn’t have made India proud as much she has today.

Attitudes and mind sets have to change.Only then will this world change.!!

Happy woman’s day. :-)..Lets change this world.


Comments on: "Go and celebrate your male chauvinism but keep the woman out of it..Because today it’s their day.Happy woman’s day" (6)

  1. rohit chopra said:

    Nice thoughts kiran. 🙂 I totally agree with you.We need to change..
    and Happy women’s day.:-)

  2. Abhishek Mehta said:

    gud yaar kiran..following ur dad’s footsteps haan 🙂 i appreciate wht u wrote..gud job 🙂

  3. Minsha Malhan said:

    very nice kiran…i jus loved it.. 🙂
    dats wat is known as the WOMEN POWER…
    keep it up… 🙂

  4. Ritika Mahajan said:

    very true, each one of us has to face it at some point or the other n it really pissess me off. To hell with the world, I beleive in pleasing myself 🙂
    Lets celebrate the spirit of women’s day every single day!! =)
    & good luck with your blog.

  5. @Rohit.. thanks for appreciation:)
    @Abhishek.. Like father like daughter…n thanks:)
    @Minsha…thanks a lot n happy women’s day…enjoy the freedom and make it forever:)
    @Ritika…..Thats true…at some point of time we all have to face but make sure not to face it again…cheers to womanhood…thanks n happy women’s day:)

  6. Amanpreet Singh said:

    ahem! ahem! Really nicely written..by why so scary title..eh?

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